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The Astrological AsteroidsAn orbital path called the Main Belt, approximately midway between those of Mars and Jupiter, occupies a large number of planetoids, minor planets, or Asteroids. These bodies are variously explained as fragments of a major planet broken up in some prehistoric catastrophe; or particles drawn out of The Sun which failed to coalesce into a single planet.

In all, there are many thousands of these asteroids estimated to be as high as 50,000 of which 1380 had been identified in 1937. As many as 5000 are estimated to have been seen only to be lost again. Many of them are more readily visible than Pluto, and may have some astrological significance not as yet identified. Their average diameter is less than 100 miles.

Prior to World War II, The Astronomischer Rechen-Institut at Dahlem, near Berlin, was world headquarters for Asteroid research and published a yearly ephemeris of the larger Asteroids for the periods when they are best observed.

The Four Principal Asteroids

The four principal Asteroids are:

  • Ceres - Discovered 1801 (On August 24, 2006, Ceres was classified a "Dwarf Planet," along with Pluto and Eris a "TNO," or trans-Neptunian Object).
  • Pallas Athena - Discovered 1802
  • Juno - Discovered 1804
  • Vesta - Discovered 18O7

Additional Asteroids

The next six, in the order of their discovery, were:

  • Astraca - Discovered 1845
  • Hebe - Discovered 1847
  • Iris - Discovered 1847
  • Flora - Discovered 1847
  • Metis - Discovered 1848
  • Hygeia - Discovered 1849

Additional Key Asteroids are:

  • Hidalgo - Discovered 1920
  • Gounessia - Discovered 1930
  • Lipperta - Discovered 1916
  • Chiron - Discovered 1977 (Now considered to be a planetoid).

NEA - Near Earth Asteroids

NEA Asteroids come closer to the Earth than do any of the major planets. Some recorded to date, are:

  • Amor - Discovered 1932
  • Apollo - Discovered 1932
  • Adonis - Discovered 1936 (On February 7, 1936, Adonis approached the Earth to within 1,200,000 miles, in the sign Leo).
  • Hermes - Discovered in 1937 (On October 30, 1937, Hermes approached to within 110,000 miles beyond The Moon's orbit.
  • Asclepius - Discovered 1989 (On March 22. 1989, Asclepius approached the Earth to within 434,700 miles).

Excerpts taken from Nicholas de Vore's Encyclopedia of Astrology

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