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The Astrological

The Astrological HousesThe individual Houses represent a “segment” of our life.

  It is likened to a pie. Divide it into twelve “pieces” to represent our every day life, and you have a human pie.
A total picture of human life.

  The Planets that occupy space in our Houses, or “segments of life,” represent “motivation.”

  The Signs represent how we will use that “motivation.”

  The Houses represent which segment of life that “motivation” will come to life or be manifested in. 

The First House - Self

  • Natural Sign: Aries
  • Ruling Planet: Mars
  • Key Words: Self, identity, personality, well-being, motivation, how others see you.

This is the most important House in the natal chart as it reveals the personality and covers The Ascendant, or Rising Sign.

This House along with the Ascendant shows your natural disposition, your individuality, and the way you express yourself. Health and well-being, attitude and physical characteristics are also revealed in this House.

Any Planet occupying space in this House will greatly affect and influence the person’s appearance and behavior patterns.

The parts of the body represented here are the head and face.

The Second House - Money

  • Natural Sign: Taurus
  • Ruling Planet: Venus
  • Key Words: Money, financial affairs, possessions, gain or loss according to the nature of the planets in the House.

The Second House represents your inner talents and resources in regard to your financial affairs.

The attitudes towards security, possessions, especially financial security, are felt in this House.

Feelings of self-worth, your sense of values, and emotional security are also represented.

This is the House of material debt or personal liberty.

The parts of the body represented here are the throat and ears.


The Third House - Family

  • Natural Sign: Gemini
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Key Words: Family, brothers, sisters, neighbors, relatives, environment, awareness, mental ability, short journeys and school life or early education.

The Third House is concerned with all forms of communication with brothers, sisters, relatives, aunts, uncles, and your school environment.

It also represents your speaking and writing ability. Your mental attitude and adaptability to learning new vistas can support the way in which our minds can come to full expression.

The parts of the body represented here are shoulders, arms, hands, lungs, collarbone, and nervous system.

The Fourth House - Home

  • Natural Sign: Cancer
  • Ruling Planet: The Moon
  • Key Words: Home, domestic life, and parents, especially the mother.

The Fourth House shows us our home life, family background, and parents. It also reveals the parent who has the most influence on you as a child. The home is the foundation upon which you build your character and therefore shows your subjective or rebellious self.

It is the House of security or insecurity.

This House also focuses on your private life, real estate and the home you will establish.

It is also the House of endings and general condition of things at the close of life.

The parts of the body represented here are the breast, stomach, and digestive organs.

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