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The Astrological Planet PlutoPluto is considered to be the smallest, coldest, and most distant planet from The Sun. However, Pluto may also be the largest of a group of objects that orbit in a disk-like zone beyond the orbit of Neptune called the Kuiper Belt. This distant region consists of thousands of miniature icy worlds with diameters of at least 1,000 km and is also believed to be the source of some comets.

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Astrological Influences of Pluto
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The Astronomical Planet Pluto

Astrological Influences of Pluto

The Planet Pluto is the Planet of power and identity and has influences that transform, regenerate, and renew through psychological depths and alterations.

This planet creates, destroys, and recreates again. It’s involvement brings us to the point of no return. Pluto does not stop working his magic until there has been a total transcendence in the area of your life where he has set up shop. He has the power to change a persons behavior, thought patterns, and way of life. Forever!

The metamorphosis can be subtle or exceedingly sudden depending on how we have been listening to his guidance in the recent past. Pluto rules death, destruction, and a state of turmoil where evolution is the reward. He takes charge of things that need to happen and gets rid of situations that no longer serve our purpose or we have outgrown but have not let go of. He forces the death and restructures the change.

Pluto is the Divine destroyer! What comes out of the destruction and decay is the equivalent of the Phoenix rising from the ashes in a new form of life. Thus, Pluto makes all things new after the wipeout of the old. He fuels the change and gives us the strength to carry on and make a better world for ourselves and creates a deeper level of reality.

Pluto’s transforming energy creates a new identity and reveals our true treasures within!

Mythology of Pluto

Pluto is an alternate name for the Greek god Hades. However, it was more often used in Roman mythology in their presentation of the god of the underworld.

The myth relates that Pluto abducted Proserpina, known as Persephone to the Greeks. Her mother Ceres, to the Greeks Demeter, caused winter in her grief. Although often envisioned as evil because of his similarities to the Christian demon Satan, the Romans did not view Pluto as such.

Originally, Pluto was not the god of the underworld. Pluto is related with the Greek word "Ploutos" meaning wealth. He was considered by the Romans as the giver of gold, silver, and other subterranean substances. Because these "gifts" were mined, Pluto became recognized as the god of the physical underworld. This, in turn, helped him become recognized as the god of the spiritual underworld and thus death. This brought about his mythological relationship to the Greek god Hades.

Because the mythology of the gods is more known than the actual religious roles of the gods, Pluto is identified as the counterpart to the Greek god Hades.

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