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The Astrological Planet The MoonThe regular daily and monthly rhythms of Earth's only natural satellite, The Moon, have guided timekeepers for thousands of years. The Moon's influence on Earth's cycles, notably tides, has also been charted by many cultures in many ages. More than 70 spacecraft have been sent to The Moon; 12 astronauts have walked upon its surface and brought back 382 kg (842 pounds) of lunar rock and soil to Earth.

The presence of The Moon stabilizes Earth's wobble. This has led to a much more stable climate over billions of years, which may have affected the course of the development and growth of life on Earth.

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Astrological Influences of The Moon
Mythology of The Moon
The Astromonical satellite the Moon

Astrological Influences of The Moon

The Moon is the closest Astrological Planet to the Earth and completes its circuit or orbit in less than one month. For this reason, the Moon’s influence touches us more deeply than most of the other Planets.

At night, the Moon rules the sky. Therefore, it rules our inner journey. It represents our Soul and penetrates into the very depths of our being. Just as the Sun represents the Spirit, the Moon represents the Soul. Without the Soul and without the Spirit, physical matter would not “stand”.  It would be dead.

The Moon is likened to the Divine Feminine, the Mother goddess, the Virgin, and Sophia which is another term for Wisdom. She instructs us in our emotions and deep rooted feelings that we have, or have not, come to terms with. She is our subconscious waiting to be reconciled and made conscious. When we have reconciled our emotions we become whole and able to become a true channel of Light.

The inner journey with the Divine Feminine can help us come to terms with sorrow, fears, and the truth of our situation. It will assist us in balancing our emotional and mental health, harmonizing our male and female energies, and listening to the "still voice" within.

Through this self-discovery we will build greater self-confidence, have a greater sense of true independence, and possess greater intuition. These are some of the real gifts when the inner journey is taken.

We will also develop an understanding of the tides of change and how it affects our emotions. Our psychic ability will grow as we come to know ourselves and our compassion towards ourselves and others will awaken. This level of consciousness allows the independence of others as well. If our emotions are unbalanced, we have a tendency to need to control others.

Working with the Moon energy, or Mother energy, helps us to sort out and re-balance our own energies so our soul can truly become a “Living Star!”

Lifetimes have been devoted to the study of The Moon and its incredibly complex motions. Among its various perturbations are the Equation of the Center, the retrogression of the Nodes, Evection, the anomalistic period, Lunar Variation, Annual Equation, and Secular Acceleration.

An example of one of these complexities is; during the Autumn season of the year, The Moon's path more nearly parallels that of the Earth, hence it remains near to the horizon for several days at the same hour. This is called the "Harvest Moon." Similarly, with the "Hunter's Moon," which is the nearest Full Moon to September 23rd.

Another observation that can be made is; The Full Moon rides low in Summer but high in Winter, thus making Winter the season of least sunlight but of most moonlight.

Mythology of The Moon

Many mythologies feature female lunar deities, such as the Greek goddesses Selene and Phoebe and their Olympian successor Artemis. Their Roman equivalents are Luna and Diana.

However, female lunar connections are not the only ones. Male lunar gods are also prevalent. The Mesopotamians had gods such as Nanna or Sin. The Egyptians had Thoth. The Germanic tribes had Mani while the Japanese had Tsukiyomi. Additionally, there was Rahko of the Finns and Tecciztecatl of the Aztecs.

In very ancient times, most of the civilizations had male lunar deities. It was only later cultures that featured strong female moon goddesses.

Because of the folk belief that the moon can cause periodic insanity, the words 'lunacy," "lunatic," and "loony" were derived from Luna to represent the condition. It is a rather recent belief that shapeshifters such as werewolves can draw their power from the moon and change into their bestial form during the full moon. This belief is rare in older folklore.

The monthly cycle of the moon has been linked to women's menstrual cycles by many cultures, although rarely expressly stated.

The influence of the moon on human affairs is a very strong feature of Astrology.

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