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The Astrological Sun Sign

The Astrological Sun Sign Leo GlyphWhen reading the Leo Personality Profile below, keep in mind that it is a generalization of the various influences at work during the time The Sun was passing through that Sign.

When the positions of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth are known, their influence can be further defined to add greater insight into the positive and negative effects they can produce.

In order to get this information, we recommend a Natal Chart be developed specifically for an individual. Real accuracy is only obtained by charting the exact positions of the heavenly bodies, at the precise month, day, time, and city, an individual was born.

This information provides an enlightening "specific" Personal Profile, which can be studied, referred to, and acted upon, throughout the individuals life.

Leo Personality Profile

Leo Characteristics

This is the heart of the Grand Man or Micro­cosm. It is a masculine, commanding, fixed, choleric, fiery, changeable, northern sign of the Zodiac, the middle point of the magnet of the Fire Triplicity. It governs the heart and blood of life, the higher attributes being belief and self-control.

The Sun enters the sign Leo on or about the 23rd of July each year, and departs from the sign on or about the 22nd of August. It takes six days for The Sun to come into full touch and action with the sign. Therefore, a person born between the dates of the 23rd and the 29th of July would not receive the full central results of the signs individuality, as this person would be born on the edge of the Zodiac, which is known as "The Cusp." Its impulses partake of the sign The Sun has just passed through and out from. The native thus born will par­take much of the attributes of the sign of the Zodiac, wherein The Moon was located at the time of birth.

The people born under this sign are kind-hearted, generous, sympathetic, and magnetic. They make good nurses when in full sympathy with the patient. They are emotional, very intuitive, and are generally able by means of this power to escape the consequences of their actions. Leo people are fine conversationalists, excelling in repartee, and are the best of storytellers. They always make a point, and always see the point.

When the true individuality of Leo holds sway, these people have a noble ideal, with a loyal love, confident, pure, and abundant. Having minds of the practical, philosophical, and spiritual combined, a trinity, they radiate a lu­minous substance, which makes them most powerful people for good, with a marked ability to inspire others.

Under such conditions they have a most remarkable power in molding public opinion, and in swaying great audiences. In fact, the truly awakened Leo man and Leo woman are invincible if they will learn the pathway of silence.

Leo people have a great love for their own, and will not yield to advice or dicta­tion in the management of their children. Leo women who have been looked upon as angels in the neighborhood will some­times show an astonishing ferocity if their children are hurt or reproved. A fault found with them, a complaint made by a teacher or a friend, can arouse these mothers to the highest pitch of passionate excitement. The motto of the Leo wo­man is "Love me, love my dog."

The natural intuition of these people is very great, and this talent is sometimes so con­stantly exercised that it can lead to deep-seated aversion and prejudice. They have been right in their estimates of people six times out of ten, therefore they must be right ten times out of ten. Argu­ment is of no use under such conditions. In fact, it is well to let the Leo person enjoy his opinions without interference. The balance of happiness for the rest of the family is usually to be found in that method.

Those born under this sign are in some respects near of kin to those who come under the head of the same Triplicity, Aries.

Leo people would rather plan than work, and they are by no means fond of details. They are sometimes lazy, and, like the cat, are fond of basking in The Sun and dozing in the chimney corner. They are fond of all creature and home comforts. The Leo male usually knows where the best markets are to be found, and have a real genius in catering for the table. The Leo female has the same talent in selecting, and among them are found our most in­spirational cooks.

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