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The Astrological Sun Sign

The Astrological Sun Sign Libra GlyphWhen reading the Libra Personality Profile Below, keep in mind that it is a generalization of the various influences at work during the time The Sun was passing through that Sign.

When the positions of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth are known, their influence can be further defined to add greater insight into the positive and negative effects they can produce.

In order to get this information, we recommend a Natal Chart be developed specifically for an individual. Real accuracy is only obtained by charting the exact positions of the heavenly bodies, at the precise month, day, time, and city, an individual was born.

This information provides an enlightening "specific" Personal Profile, which can be studied, referred to, and acted upon, throughout the individuals life.

Libra Personality Profile

Libra Characteristics

This sign governs the loins and abdominal regions of the Grand Man, or Microcosm. It is a cardinal, sanguine, diurnal, movable, airy, equinoctial masculine sign of the Zodiac. This is the great equatorial line of human progression; the higher attributes are perception and inspiration.

The Sun enters the sign each year on or about the 23rd of September, and departs from it on or about the 23rd of October. The Sun on entering a sign should be given six days before coming into full touch and action with the influence of the sign. A person born between the dates of the 23rd and 29th of September would not receive the full results of the sign's individuality, as he would be born when The Sun was on the edge of the sign. This is known as "The Cusp." Its nature and impulses partake of the sign The Sun has just passed through and out from, and the native will also partake of the attributes of the sign of the Zodiac in which The Moon is located at the time of birth.

People born under this sign are ener­getic, ambitious, generous, and inspired. The men and women are said to differ even more than Leo men and women, and probably from the same reason. Often Libra men have to seek their own way, find their own companions, and occupations. Early on they learn to turn their inspirations and clairvoyant abilities to financial account, and so become bankers, stock brokers, and sometimes even gamblers.

The scales of Libra tip very easily, and too often one scale touches bottom with a dead weight, while the other swings aloft unused and empty. Libra men are very fascinating, and they can be as reckless in following out the gratification of their de­sires as they are in gambling games and speculations. This pursuit is not so much sensual as sensuous, and is more of an eagerness for new objects of attraction than an impulse of passion.

When over­taken by disaster, these people recover quickly and go to work again with redoubled vigor. Their feet never touch the earth in their calculations and intrigues. They are full of hope and enthusiasm, and crash after crash produces no effect.

The Libra women who have not had the masculine liberty are not so reckless as their brothers. They are apt to be careless about money matters. This is often due to their extreme aversion to the financial part of any transaction. They can detest to be mixed up with money matters. Often they borrow with the noblest intentions, but if any­thing occurs to thwart their calculations, they expect the person borrowed from to be as mag­nanimous in forgiving the debt as they would be in paying it if they had the money. Yet these people, both Libra males and Libra females, have a keen and beautiful sense of justice.

Libras are also exceed­ingly intuitive and mediumistic. When spiritualized, the scales hang evenly bal­anced, and the work that can be accom­plished for humanity by the Libra people cannot be overestimated. Among them are poets, writers, and musicians. They soar high because the most rarefied air is their native element. They will give away the largest half of anything they possess, and never expect an equivalent.

They can be timid and apprehensive of disaster to their children and friends, and as a result can cause much nervous anxiety to their families and others.

Those born under this sign, especially the Libra women, are so sensitive to harmony or inharmony that they can tell as soon as they enter a house what the prevailing conditions are. This sometimes makes them appear sad, indifferent, or disturbed, and may be considered very disagree­able and inconsistent. Their high spirits are subdued, and a shadow falls upon all who are in their company. As it is not usually safe or proper to explain the reason of the cloud, the victims are obliged to suffer and be silent. This tendency to feel every change in those about them, and to read secret thoughts is a constant menace to the best develop­ment. It can keep the individual harassed by anxieties which cannot be relieved or spoken of. In this way, sympathies are kept in constant action and without subserving any good purpose.

When this psychic power is dominated by the will, and made to mind its own business, and keep out of other people's affairs, it is a wonderful force, but, used on a lower plane, it can be a source of unrest and misery.

Libra women are very kind and ami­able, and are averse to any cruelty and bloodshed. The women and children dislike to know that even a chicken must be killed. They are very neat, and dis­like any hard and dirty work.

Libra people are psychic collectors of thought, having the ability to acquire the occult laws of nature. Possessing the power of perception and spiritual knowl­edge, they can reach the highest goal of human attainment by bringing their powers to a center within them. Those who recognize the dawning of the life regenerate, can acquire the divine and hidden mysteries of the ages.

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