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The Astrological Sun Sign

The Astrological Sun Sign Scorpio GlyphWhen reading the Scorpio Personality Profile below, keep in mind that it is a generalization of the various influences at work during the time The Sun was passing through that Sign.

When the positions of the heavenly bodies at the time of birth are known, their influence can be further defined to add greater insight into the positive and negative effects they can produce.

In order to get this information, we recommend a Natal Chart be developed specifically for an individual. Real accuracy is only obtained by charting the exact positions of the heavenly bodies, at the precise month, day, time, and city, an individual was born.

This information provides an enlightening "specific" Personal Profile, which can be studied, referred to, and acted upon, throughout the individuals life.

Scorpio Personality Profile

Scorpio Characteristics

This sign governs the genital organs, the groins, bladder, and sex functions of the Grand Man, or Microcosm. It is a fixed, nocturnal, southern, mute sign of the Zodiac. The higher attributes are attachment, tenacity, and silence.

The Sun enters the sign on or about the 24th of October, and departs from the sign on or about the 21st of November. The Sun on entering the sign should be given six days before coming into full touch and action with the influence of the sign. A person born between the dates of the 24th and the 30th of October would not receive the full central results of the sign's individuality, as he would be born when The Sun was on the edge of the sign. This is known as "The Cusp." Its nature and im­pulses partake of the sign The Sun has just passed through and out from, and the native will also partake of the attributes of the sign of the Zodiac The Moon is located in at the time of birth.

These people are allied to the great powers of the ocean of this planet, and are possessed of a wonderful vibratory force, which gives them a great vitality through electro-magnetic influences. So marked is this power that they are able to benefit all who are closely connected with them. Their personal presence is a healing. They possess indomitable will and self-control, and remarkable skill in the use of their hands. Their touch is so firm and delicate, their ob­servation so keen, their poise so perfect, that they make the best surgeons in the world. They are not moved by the com­plaints or fears of their patients, and preserve the coolness of their native ele­ment under all circumstances, however trying. Such persons are often consid­ered unfeeling and unsympathetic, and this is sometimes true. However, more fre­quently, it is an appearance caused by a resolute and unflinching determination to succeed. Before an operation some of these surgeons are regarded by their patients as demons. Afterwards they are always gods.

The genius of eloquence is sometimes a direct inheritance of those born under this sign. They are powerful and mag­netic public speakers, and when their spir­itual nature is aroused they make the most popular and convincing clergymen. They have great tact and taste in the choice of language, and are usually very well aware of their influence over those with whom they come in contact. Those who write excel in the construction of short stories.

One strong characteristic of these people is a silent, dignified supe­riority of appearance. This is a very important factor in their success. They are usually courteous and affable when not engaged in serious business; then they can be blunt to cruelty.

They are fond of the good things of the earth, and have a fine taste in dress, but are not so de­voted to style and show as their Cancer neighbors. They are especially fond of outdoor sports, and are natural lovers of ocean travel and ocean views.

When these people are awakened and spirit­ualized, they are the salt of the earth, helpful, powerful, tender, and devoted to humanity. The reverse of this is also true.

They usually have so much busi­ness of their own to carry to success that they are not curious concerning the affairs of their neighbors.They have large self-esteem and approbativeness to match. Flattery is the most powerful weapon that can be used with the average Scor­pio person.

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"God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty. He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a more productive life. Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person, being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a Magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom."
-- Paracelsus

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