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The Elemental Water Signs are the Feelers, Nurturers, and Caretakers

The Elemental Water SignsThe Water Signs are:
Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces

Water Signs are intuitive, sensitive and feel more intensely than the other Elements. Water Signs are associated with growth processes, identification and emotion. They are exceptionally sensitive to their environment, particularly to fungi, bacteria and viruses.

Sensitive to a fault, the Water Signs are often more concerned with your feelings and needs than their own. Water Signs are private and guarded, and approach life from an emotional stance. Many of the Water Signs are at home in fields of human resources, as they thrive on people-to-people contact.

In Astrology, the Earth Signs are concerned with production or output, whereas the Water Signs are concerned with consumption or input. People with Water Signs are irresistibly drawn to those of the Earth Sign. These people tend to respond to the world through emotion, rather than physical action, practicality, or intellect. Also Water Signs are meant to get on well with Earth Signs, Air Signs, and with Fire Signs, although not as well as with a sign from the same Element. Water Signs are reflective, responsive and their nature is toward abundance and sometimes excess.

All Water Signs are healing and bridging signs. Water Signs are known to be emotional, sensitive, compassionate, idealistic, and they possess great intuition. However, Water Signs can be moody. The Water Signs are Pisces, Scorpio, and Cancer.

Basically, Water Signs are concerned with compassion and understanding, since the receptive talent of such individuals is extraordinarily high. They think with their feelings, and are often romantic. Men with Water Signs are odd because men are naturally unemotional. Fire and Air Signs are masculine, while Earth and Water Signs are feminine. Water Signs are said to excel at empathy because they can feel what others feel. In the same respect, Water Signs are often considered of the most powerful if not THE most powerful of all Elements. Water Signs are said to share a sensitivity that flows like water. Traditionally, Fire and Air Signs are described as Positive, while Earth and Water Signs are described as Negative. All of the Water Signs are, to some degree, psychic.

The astrological Water Signs are Cancer (Cardinal, 4th House), Scorpio (Fixed, 8th House) and Pisces (Mutable, 12th House). The Water Signs are astrologically and karmically more developed and refined in spirit. These individuals are gifted by being able to "sense." Water rules magick spells in general, so Water Signs are often a good choice when you are uncertain as to which sign you should use in your magickal work. Earth and Water Signs are different, yet share complementary Elements.

Fire Signs and Water Signs are emotional, whereas Earth Signs and Air Signs are logical. Sensitive and passionate in everything they do, Water Signs are naturally caring and feel most fulfilled when they are helping others. However, Earth and Water Signs are not wholly incompatible; they tend to mix well when the parties understand the other's needs.

Water Signs are by nature driven by their feelings. But, feelings are neither logical or foolproof decision making tools. The Earth and Water Signs are considered fruitful while the Air and Fire Signs are considered barren. Water and the power of Water Signs are often underestimated. Water Signs are famous for overdoing things.

Additionally, Water Signs are given the ability to show how necessary their presence is in the expression of beauty for others to experience. The Tarot suit of Cups represents the Water Sign and pertains to emotions and intuition.

Water Signs are private and guarded, and approach life from an emotional stance. However, Water Signs are always emotionally reserved, no matter what impression they might give on the surface.

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