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Inside The Sun Signs

Uranus Inside The SignsUranus in Aries
You have bold and startling insights and tend to break away from tradition. You are innovative when it comes to leadership, new starts, and pioneer projects. You have insights into energy and action and you find freedom in sports, impulse-buying and getting out.
Uranus in Taurus
You discover freedom in steady, predictable growth, and find financial independence and novel ways to earn money and a living. You have insights into home, possessions and the whole domestic scene. you get away from it all with gardening, family life and building.
Uranus in Gemini
You have brilliant insights into communications of all kinds with writing and speaking. Also computers, radio, TV, and the press interest you. You have deep insights into research and investigations.
Uranus in Cancer
You have natural insights into sensations, feelings, and just living life. You are innovative in your approach to home, family , and the domestic scene and can really see how to get into traditional values. You like to relax by gardening, cooking, and being with family. You get off on the humdrum.

Uranus in Leo
You are outspoken, very dramatic, impressive, and very regal. You have great insight into matters of personal freedom. You come out with brilliant ways to express yourself. You relax with children, acting singing, and the like. You really like yourself.
Uranus in Virgo
You find new ways to serve others and you have brilliant ideas on how to care for people and things. Diet, health, ecology, and conservation interest you. You are economy personified , always able to salvage and redeem anything. you relax by working.
Uranus in Libra
You are independent and are like a coat of many colors. You find new ways to relate and maybe innovative in marriage and social connections. You are tolerant and accepting of differences. You also have good insights into all social values.

Uranus in Scorpio
You have new thoughts on desires and possessions . All things mystical and occult hold your interest. You are innovative in sexual matters and respect cravings of all kinds. You tend to explore information on the hidden or esoteric.

Uranus in Sagittarius
You are the original optimist. You enjoy being free, on the move, and alone. You may startle others with your direct conversations. You have new ideas for the future including exploring philosophies and travel. Long journeys interest you.
Uranus in Capricorn
Ever practical, you come up with new or alternate forms of corporate management with breakthrough styles. You find new ways to manage and control things and people. You bring new life to conservative traditions. You are innovative in the political and business arena.
Uranus in Aquarius
You have insights into uniting humanity that are progressive and radical. You want equal rights for all, functioning from an inspired sense of idealism. You have the urge to make things better. You would make a great networker, working for the benefit of all.
Uranus in Pisces
You are a visionary. You are very progressive in the areas of Philosophy, music ,poetry, drama, and the arts. You have new insights into all mystical, occult, and religious matters. You find new methods of worship and service. You are also innovative in dreams and psychic matters.

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"God created the stars and the heaven for more than the sake of beauty. He gave them to us for interpretation so that we may live a more productive life. Man is superior to the stars if he lives in the power of superior wisdom. Such a person, being the master over heaven and earth, by means of his will, is a Magus, and magic is not sorcery but supreme wisdom."
-- Paracelsus

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"Why did not somebody teach me the constellations and make me at home in the starry heavens, which are always overhead, and which I don't half know to this day?"
-- Thomas Carlyle

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"All anyone can see in a birthchart are tendencies that will become facts if he does not do something to alter them."
--Isabel Hickey

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"We shall not cease from exploration, and the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time."
-- T.S. Eliot

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"My evenings are taken up very largely with Astrology. I make horoscopic calculations in order to find a clue to the core of psychological truth."
-- C.G. Jung


"Astrology is Astronomy brought to Earth and applied to the affairs of men."
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson 

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"It is clearly evident that most events of a widespread nature, draw their causes from the enveloping heavens."
-- Ptolemy


"The power of the spiritual forces of the universe... how active it is everywhere! Invisible to the eyes and impalpable to the senses, it is inherent in all things, and nothing can escape its operation."
-- Confucius


“A physician without a knowledge of Astrology has no right to call himself a physician”
-- Hippocrates

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"Courteous Reader, Astrology is one of the most ancient Sciences, held in high esteem of old, by the Wise and the Great. Formerly, no Prince would make War or Peace, nor any General fight in Battle, in short, no important affair was undertaken without first consulting an Astrologer."
-- Benjamin Franklin